The Chickening

__Where Pizza Comes From__

XBLIG Trailer:

Original Trailer:

The Chickening is a video game about a chicken who shoots lasers. Out of his eyes. Flying pizza shot out of evil cat heads from Paris, France, Uranus have invaded Earth and transformed the President of The United States of Mexico, Robot Abraham Lincoln, into a piece of broccoli. From the center of the earth the Pentagon desperately dispatches their best agent: Agent 69-420 aka The Chickening. His mission: Destroy Everything and Save the Broccoli!

The Chickening - Cover Art

The Chickening - Video Game Screenshot The Chickening - Video Game - Screenshot 2 The Chickening - Video Game - Screenshot 3

(NEW VERSION: Updated & Funner) Available on Xbox 360:

(OLD VERSION) Free Download (@archive) (100 megs, Windows PC w/ Xvid, keyboard, Gamepad reccomended.) torrent (@legaltorrents)
Retro 256 color alt version sans video: Download (alt d/l) (47 megs - for slow PC's, Australians, and Whatevs, Yo(TM))

Aug 1 2009 - The Chickening for PC officially released. Tell your Grandparents!
Aug 6 2009 - 'sup mefi, added benny hill theme trailer remix, cover art, torrent, & a Retro 256 color version.
The song in the trailer is Carmen Miranda - Tico-tico no Fubá @

Aug 8 2009 - I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. And fixed the downloads?
Aug 12 2009 - Scott Baio.
June 4 2013 - The Chickening has been updated/revised/finished with respawn points, more lives, better controls, and is making its way onto XBLIG.

Intro Movie:

Kick Ass Soundtrack:

Stream, Download zip, & more here

Trailer Remixes: Backwards - Bad Compression = Slowed Down - Sped Up - Upside Down - Inverted = Shakey Camera = Poorly Copied VHS - Sped Up 4X Yakety Sax Benny Hill Remix - Scott Baio

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